BNTU is the largest Belarusian university bringing together over 35 000 students of all levels and 2 000 professors. With about 40 00 students, professors and employees, the BNTU community reaches the population of an average town. As every modern town and city, the BNTU has a very well-developed infrastructure.

  • 17 study buildings;
  • Campus comprising 15 comfortable student dormitories
  • 32 eating facilities;
  • 8 sports grounds;
  • Truly immense scientific library comprising over 2 mln edition of technical literature and fiction ;
  • new modern swimming pool fully complying with the regulations established by International Swimming Federation (FINA)
  • Sanatorium and sports and recreation centers of its own.



The BNTU offers you a splendid opportunity to get a first-class degree and realize your artistic potential. We have a number of art groups catering for a wide range of interests.

Keeping up with the pace and frantic rhythm of modern times, the BNTU art groups still manage to keep their precious traditions. They perform at national and international competitions winning numerous awards for the university.

Promoting sports and healthy life style, the BNTU offers the students a vast array of sports to pursue and marvelous modern sports facilities:

  • Sports Complex I (Nezavisimosti, 65):

Sports Complex I provides for both outdoor and indoor sports activities. A spacious outdoor stadium comprises

  • 2 futsal fields
  • 2 volleyball courts
  • Basketball court
  • 400 m running tracks

The Sport Complex also comprises well-equipped indoor gyms for a vast array of sports:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Working out
  • Aerobics
  • Weightlifting
  • Wrestling


  • Sports Complex II (B. Khmelnitskogo, 9)

Recently renovated Sports Complex II offers state-of-the-art recreational facilities for water sports:

A swimming pool fully complying with FINA regulations (50-meter-long, 10 lanes);

Dry-land swim training room;

The Complex also hosts exquisite facilities for popular modern sports:

  • Cycling center
  • Skiing center
  • Archery center
  • Chess club

The Sport Complex also comprises well-equipped indoor gyms for handball, karate, futsal, aerobics, table tennis, and working out.


  • Sports Complex III (Nezavisimosti, 148)

This exquisite sports facility comprises workout room, table tennis room, aerobics gym, skiing center, and beach volleyball courts.

  • Building 1 hosting a judo gyms and a table tennis room.


International Student Center (ISC)

International Student Center “World through Culture and Knowledge” was established in 2005. It has been offering Belarusian and international students a wonderful opportunity to communicate and participate in BNTU events together.

ISC and embassies of different countries in Belarus organize joint events fostering cultural ties between the countries.

Successful ISC projects

  • Vietnamese culture center and Vietnamese Culture Days (in collaboration with the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Belarus)
  • Annual Iranian Culture Days (in collaboration with  the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran);
  • Annual Christmas Meetings (In cooperation with the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Association for Cooperation and Integration of Latin American Countries in Belarus)
  • Turkmen Culture Society “Ak Altyn”
  • Ecuador Culture Days (in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in Belarus)
  • Student Kaleidoscope Festival (in collaboration with Alumni Association of the Belarusian Higher Education Institutions)
  • International exhibition “Joy of Easter” (with the help of Belarusian diplomats)
  • “Christmas Tale for children”, a charitable event
  • International sports competition “Belt of Friendship”
  • Culture and Education Center “Shanghai 2007”, the first center of the kind in Minsk

Thanks to dedicated work of the ISC specialists, the Center managed to start some uniqueart groups:

  • Professional Oriental Dance Group “Lily-BNTU”, two-fold winner f World Cup and Europe Cup in oriental and folk dance, repeated winner of numerous international festivals;
  • “Awindar”, Iran-Belarus folk music ensemble.


BNTU Campus (Студгородок) is a structural division responsible for providing comfortable living conditions at the BNTU Dormitories as well as regulating certain cultural and educational aspects of university life.

Campus Administration Office is located on Nezavisimosti Ave., 65 (Dormitory 2)

Head of the BNTU Campus Administration

Anatoly M. Zhuk

Phone number:  292-65-64.


BNTU Dormitories

All 17 BNTU Dormitories are equipped with modern facilities necessary for your comfort wellness, and safety. The resources available include study rooms, gyms, laundry, and halls for organizing sports and cultural events. The following Dormitories host international students and professors:

Dormitory 2 (Nezavisimosti Ave., 67)

Opened in 1952, Dormitory 2 hosts International and Belarusian graduate students as well as international delegations participating in various BNTU events. Students enrolled in distance learning programs and refreshment courses stay at Dormitory 2 during their exam or training sessions.

Among other facilities, guests of Dormitory 2 have a conference room and a gym at their disposal.

Dormitory 10 (Surganova, 37, building 4)

The well-equipped modern Dormitory welcomes international students of Military Engineering Faculty.

Dormitory 13 (Surganova , 45, building 5)

Dormitory 13 hosts over 400 international students from 25 countries taking courses at different BNTU faculties. The unique multicultural atmosphere of the Dormitory contributed to the establishment of Community Council, an information hub embracing all the cultures present in the Dormitory and dealing with all aspects of the students’ university life.