Strategic Planning

Strategic planning of the BNTU activity aims at:

  • meeting the needs of the state and the society for highly-qualified engineering and research professionals ensuring dynamic development of the country and the regions;
  • meeting personal needs for intellectual, cultural, ethical, and physical development.


Main strategic (long-term) directions of the BNTU activity:

  • Introducing innovative training programs taking into account global higher education context and the membership in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) the Republic of Belarus was granted recently. The training programs should be based on integration between training, research, and production lines of BNTU activities, as well as systematic monitoring of the needs of customers and stakeholders.
  • Actively embracing best practices in training specialists with the focus on internships and training in prominent foreign universities, as well as enterprises and organizations dominating world market.
  • Establishing effective links with the leading industrial organizations, academic and educational establishments and centers, including foreign ones.
  • Developing the University resource base and introducing modern equipment, novel information technologies, and telecommunication systems into training process
  • Shaping the spirit of leadership and corporate culture in the University; enhancing the ability to be successful in a competitive environment
  • Promoting historical, educational, and cultural heritage of the BPI-BSPA-BNTU (or University) with regard to strategic interests of Belarus.