The BNTU administration emphasizes the importance of sports in student life, as it fosters leadership, loyalty, responsibility, and social and emotional growth. Besides, sports instill appreciation for healthy life style and physical fitness that are among top national priorities of the Republic of Belarus.

15 000 students of the Belarussian National Technical University are regularly and actively involved in various sports activities. The Sports Department trains athletes in 29 kinds of sports: taekwondo, athletics, karate, chess, sport aerobics, swimming, freestyle wrestling, sambo, judo, table tennis, boxing, orienteering, muay thai, cycling, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball, football, futsal, powerlifting, archery, arm wrestling, weightlifting, biathlon, cross-country skiing, and rowing.

The Department actively cooperates with sports federations, clubs, organizations, institutions, and national teams in various sports training reserve teams.

The University teams include 495 highly skilled athletes; among them 11 World Class Masters of Sports, 110 Masters of Sport, and 168 Candidates for Master of Sports. More than 200 athletes have a rank. 47 students of the Department are members of Olympic Teams of the Republic of Belarus.

For the last ten years the University has show impressive results in annual National Universiades among the higher education institutions under the Ministry of Education. In recent years (2009-2014) the University teams have performed well in futsal, sport aerobics, athletics, handball (female), basketball (male and female), volleyball (male), orienteering, table tennis, and karate. The University teams in futsal, handball (female and male), and basketball (male) take part in the national high league championships. Female handball team “BNTU-BelAZ” won the Cup of Belarus (2012).

The BNTU has a lot to offer for the students who do not seek to be involved in professional sports. The BNTU students have at their disposal the most developed sports facilities in the Republic of Belarus, namely 18 sports halls, a stadium, skiing and cycling lodges, sports grounds, and a sports and health center. The University curricula provide for four-year sports classes for the students of all the faculties. Every year the BNTU holds university competitions in more than 35 kinds of sports. The university holds regular Health Day events.

The BNTU Sports facilities are a venue for international tournaments and National Competitions in team sports (futsal, basketball, handball, volleyball, etc.).

The BNTU sports activities bring students together and enhance a sense of community and teamwork skills, which are now a prerequisite for successful job performance. Besides, the BNTU athletes who play sports professionally have a unique opportunity to glorify their county and encourage the pursuit of excellence in their fellow students.