Research Laboratory of Industrial and Civil Engineering


The foundation year of the structural subdivision - 1996

Subdivision Head - Olgomets A.I.

Scientific Consultant - Prof. Dr. Leonovich S.N., D.Sc. (Doc. of Techn. Sci.)

Contacts: tel.: +375 (17) 268 80 65, fax: +375 (17) 265 96 76, e-mail:


Main Directions of Scientific Investigations

Development of technological systems for the production of monolithic works using the technology of on-site preparation of concrete mixes, technologies pre-stressing in built conditions, domestic dry mortar, chemical additives, formwork systems, as well as performing works at low temperatures.

Non-destructive testing of the strength and elastic deformation properties of the concrete.

The durability (frost resistance, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.) of constructions for buildings and structures.


Provided Services

Development of projects of works and technological maps, including for construction of pre-stressed monolithic structures in built conditions; construction of light-weight concrete structures by develop­ment of various cavities; the execution of concrete work at low temperatures.

Monitoring, diagnostics and engineering field inspection of technical condition of buildings and struc­tures.

Monitoring of the strength characteristics of concrete structures in monolithic construction, including at an early age.

Providing a complete set of engineering services in the field of energy-saving and efficient technolo­gies for the enterprises of building materials industry and construction industry.


Major Achievements

RL ICE collaborates with: Izhevsk State Technical University n.a. M. V. Kalashnikov (Izhevsk, Russia); Institute of Structural Engineering at Technical University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria); RILEM (International organization of experts and institutions for materials and structures); the Russian Academy of Architec­ture and Construction Sciences (RAACS); the representative Office of JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Engineering company "Atomenergoproekt" in the Republic of Belarus; Institute of Physics of NAS of Belarus

RL ICE has modern equipment and a wide range of standardized NDT devices. The laboratory has unique instruments developed at the Institute of Applied Physics of NAS of Belarus that implement a method of dynamic indentation.