Research Laboratory of Thermomechanics of Magnetic Fluids


The foundation year of the structural subdivision - 1991

Subdivision Head - Prof. Dr. Rex A.G., D.Sc. (Doc. of Sci.)

Scientific Consultant - Prof. Dr. Bashtovoi V.G., D.Sc. (Doc. of Sci.)

Contacts: tel.: +375 (17) 237 33 03, fax: +375 (17) 331 00 52, e-mail:


Main Directions of Scientific Investigations

Research and development of new effective physical mechanisms for managing processes of energy transfer, including using new technological material - magnetic fluids and the creation on their basis of new energy efficient devices and technologies.


Major Achievements

RL TMF maintains scientific cooperation with the Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer of NAS of Be­larus, Institute of Applied Physics of NAS of Belarus, the University of Nice (France), University Paris-6 (France), Institute of Mechanics of Moscow State University and Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of the Ural scientific center (Russia), SPA n.a. S. Lavochkin (Russia), Southwest State University (Kursk, Rus­sia), Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of Latvia.

Development RL TMF introduced in SPA n.a. S. Lavochkin (Russia), used in the Smorgon plant of op­tical machine-tool construction, JSC "Belmedpreparaty", JSC "INTEGRAL", Research and Technological institute of optical machine-tool building and vacuum technology.

Student research Bureau operates in the structure of RL TMF.