Research and Testing Laboratory of Purification of Foundries Gas Pollution


The foundation year of the structural subdivision - 1974

Subdivision Head - Dr. Panasyugin A. S., PhD (Cand. Techn.)

Scientific consultant - Prof. Dr. Tsyganov A. R., D.Sc. (Doc. of Sci.), Academician of NAS

Contacts: tel.: +375 (17) 292 35 56, fax: +375 (17) 292 35 56, e-mail:


Main Directions of Scientific Investigations

The investigation into studying of physicochemical properties of schungite rocks, work aimed at syn­thesis and studying the properties of high-selective sorbents for extracting radionuclides from aquatic medium of various origins.


Provided Services

Within the accreditation area framework in standard ISO 17025 we conduct investigations directed at assessment of the quantitative and qualitative composition of pollutant emissions, physical factors developing during the production process, evaluating their impact on the atmosphere, hydrosphere and people’s health. Based on the obtained data we issue scientifically grounded recommendations on re­ducing the influence or preventing the detrimental effect.

On the investigation results the documentation is elaborated on handling the production wastes, dis­charge into the air, certification and performance effectiveness assessment are done for the ventilation systems and gas-purifying equipment, the working places are attested.


Major Achievements

RTL PFGP sustains scientific ties with RIAPhChP BSU, IPM of NAS of Belarus, IGNCh of NAS of Belarus, Grodno State Medical University and others.

The Laboratory personnel participated in operating efficiency inspection and checkup of the ventila­tion systems and gas-purification equipment of a number of big enterprises. JSC "BMZ - the BMK-hold­ing managing company", PUE "BMZ - Ecoservice", Joint Venture "MAZ-МАN", PUP Gomel’oboi", JSC "8th March", JSC "CentroEnergoMontazh", SE "Belorussian Railway", JSC "Minsk Tanning Production Association", Joint LLC "Atlant-M", "Command-Engineering Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Situa­tions of Belarus", LLC "Yu-Plast", etc.

Laboratory owns more than 40 equipment units calibrated in BelSIM.