Research and Testing Laboratory of Vehicles


The foundation year of the structural subdivision - 1957

Subdivision Head - Dr. Lebedev M.S., PhD (Cand. Techn. Sci.)

Scientific Consultant - Prof. Dr. Rukteshel O.S., D.Sc., (Doct. Techn. Sci.)

Contacts: tel./fax: +375 (17) 331 26 93, e-mail:


Main Directions of Scientific Investigations

Carrying out the scientific research associated with development of new methods for modules, aggre­gates and systems calculation in the area of automobile manufacturing and railroad transportation, cre­ation and development of competitive, cost-efficient, and safe motor vehicles; techniques development and implementation of experimental investigation of the mobile machinery modules and aggregates; normative-technical legal instruments elaboration in the area of automobile manufacturing and systems of the quality management.


List of Provided Services

RTLV realizes the following variety of work: certification of the mobile machinery and the spares for them, and rail transport production; investigation and conformity assessment of the enterprises man­agement system to the requirements of STB ISO 9001, enterprises system of safety arrangements and pre­cautions to the requirements of STB 18001-2009; handling of work on certification of quality systems and rendering advisory services; test performance of the vehicular and rail transport; carrying out expert assessment of remodeled vehicles; making normative-documents expert examination on the product; holding conformity evaluation of the vehicular and components to the requirements of the state, inter­state, intergovernmental, and international normative documents.

On the basis of RTLV the following bodies functioning: the Body for Certification of Products and Ser­vices "Polytekh-Sert« (accreditation certificate BY/112 021.02); the Body for Certification of Management Systems "Polytekh-Sert« (accreditation certificate BY/112 021.03); the Testing Center "Belavtosertika« of Research and Testing Laboratory of Vehicles (accreditation certificate BY/112


Major Achievements

RTLV cooperates in the conduct of fulfillment of economic agreements and contracts with JSC "MAZ«, JSC "MTZ«, JSC "Belkommunmash«, JSC "BELAZ«, JSC "Universal«, Volvo Car Corporation АВ (Sweden), Daimler AG, BMW (Germany), Scania and others. NIIL TS maintains scientific bonds with Institute of Me­chanics MSU n. a. M. V. Lomonosov (Russia), Mechanical Lab of Daugavpils University (Latvia), Dynamics Lab GNU "Institute of Physics NAS Belarus«, Associated Institute of Machine-Building of NAS Belarus. The Laboratory workers participated in production arrangements for automobile Peugeot at the enterprise of Unison.

RTLV disposes a modern material and technical base. For research conducting test equipment and check-reading instruments are used for example headlamp beam adjustment instrument "Sko- Svet-A«, path-speed measurement instrument "Datron«; mannequins (stencils) etc. were purchased for testing vehicles.