Research and Innovative Laboratory of New Construction Materials


The foundation year of the structural subdivision - 1988

Subdivision Head - Dr. Niss V. S., PhD (Cand. Techn.)

Scientific Consultant - Prof. Dr. Kovalevsky V. N., D.Sc. (Doct. of Sci.)

Contacts: tel.: +375 (17) 296 67 22, fax: +375 (17) 292 71 83, e-mail:


Main Directions of Scientific Investigations

Development of new methods and technologies of electrolytic-plasma and electrochemical treatment of the external and interior surfaces of the parts of shaped form. Investigation (analysis) of the chemical composition and fine structure of metals, ceramics, composite materials, metallic production wastes; re­search (testing) of mechanical properties of the metals, alloys and the parts on their basis; investigation (determination) of metallurgical output of the metal alloys out of aluminum-bearing wastes. Develop­ment of technologies to synthesize composite powders coated with nano-dimensional layers of metals or ceramic materials. Development of multifunctional materials based on the composite powders fabri­cated with surface coating of atoms and clusters based on silicium, carbon and molybdenum and subse­quent sintering under the conditions of separate synthesis.


List of Provided Services

Qualitative and quantitative content-analysis of chemical elements from Na to U in metal alloys, ce­ramic and composition materials and coatings in concentration span from 0,1-0,0001 % to 100 % em­ploying the X-ray apparatus "Spectrascan max GV" for spectrum analysis. Obtaining three-dimensional image of surfaces (topography) with high definition for measuring and analysis of the micro- and submi­cro-relief of the surfaces, objects of micro- and nano-metric diapason, their micromechanical and other properties with employment of the scanning probe microscope "Solver Pro M". Studying the surface condition and chemical composition of the crystalline and amorphous substances, analyzing the surface of a finished product, coating, films, alloys, composite materials, ores, semi-products and metal contain­ing production wastes employing the scanning electronic microscope VEGA II LMU with the microprobe analyzer Ina Energy 350.


Major Achievements

The merits of the RIL NCM personnel in developing science and technology were distinguished in 2013-2014 by four Certificates in the competition "For the Best Innovative Project and Best Research and Technology Elaboration of the Year" at the Petersburg Technical Fair in nomination of "Best Innova­tion Project in the Field of Advanced Technologies of Mechanical-Engineering Metallurgy".