Branch Research Laboratory of Innovative Energy


The foundation year of the structural subdivision - 1992

Subdivision Head - Klimkovich P.I.

Scientific Consultant - Prof. Dr. Fursanov M.I., D.Sc. (Doc. of Sci.)

Contacts: tel.: +375 (17) 211 30 41, +375 (17) 293 93 59, e-mail:


Main Directions of Scientific Investigations

– Development of evidence-based principles, methods and software means for the identification and analysis of practical and economic levels of electricity losses in electrical power system, and the control strategy and operation of electrical networks.
– Energy realization of organizations and the designing of energy-efficient measure from a scientific and economic assessment of their effectiveness.
– Development of methodology and means to improve the accident-prevention and dispatch control of power systems, fault location in distribution power grids.
– Theoretical substantiation and development of mathematical and software to improve the exploitation: electrical power grids.
– Development of new types of overhead transmission lines with expanded functionality and optimization of their regimes.
– Development of methodologies and management technology energy saving, technical and economic solutions in the power engineering market conditions.
– Development of systems for distance learning, retraining and staff professional development of electric power grids and systems.
– Development of systems and technologies to increase the productivity of the processing of information flows in the local and corporate networks.
– Research network communication protocols, as well as reception and information processing systems.
– Development of methodic recommendation for the accreditation and periodic examination of facilities of information and standard techniques in the field of information security in computer networks and realization measurements of electricity and power on the basis of settlement of the automated systems with the definition of information security degrees.
– Development of methods of measurement of electrical quantities in industrial plants and power grid facilities.
– Electromagnetic measurement, measurement of the quality parameters of electrical network measurement parameters of secondary circuits of current and measuring transformers in industrial plants and power grid facilities.
– Research and development of new data collection and analysis systems from the various controllers, sensors and control devices and energy accounting.
– Development of software products which collect, reception, processing and storage of information on energy consumption in industrial plants and power grid facilities.


Provided Services

– Development of specialized devices on modern element base, the development of design documentation and manufacturing of prototypes of products.
– Software development for the operating systems Windows, Linux.


Major Achievements

Protocol analyzer is a mobile hardware complex arrangements for the analysis of protocols in local networks.
Monitoring ADSL is a software-hardware system capable of performing the functions of control and accounting of traffic used by ADSL customers.
Protected software and hardware complex "Port" is destined to create a secure data link channels with the various information systems. NAP Card is the PCI expansion board, based on reconfigurable logic, and has two independent Ethernet ports Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s.
Certification test stand for certification testing protection of information networks "cluster" is a hardware and software system using cluster technology to protect computer networks from external damnific attack.
Intrusion Detection is designed to detect attacks on objects of distributed corporate (local) networks in order to identify violations of security and rapid response to these abuses.