Vibropneumotables separator for separation of grainy mixtures by density

Application: selection of impurities which are different from the main cultures of lower density (er­got, smut) and grain sorting into fractions of different density.

Advantages: effectively allocates the fraction that differs in density from the main crop by only 8 %, while the output of grain with the fraction of impurities is 4–6 %; efficiency of impurities separation from the grain mass by 20–30 % higher in comparison with existing analogues.

Key features: maximum capacity – 4 t/hr; ratio between fractions: impurities – 3 %, intermediate fraction – 5 %, cleaned seeds – 92 %; air rate (no more) – 11000 m3/hr; the installed capacity of the drive vibrators – 2×0,6 kW; air velocity in chambers – 0,75–1,1 m/s; dimension – 2260×1730×2075 mm; mass (not more) – 520 kg.

Developed: The Department «Trade and Advertising Equipment», faculty «Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship»; Dr. Ermakov A.I., PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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