Unit for gas-flame spraying of powdered materials

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Professor O. Devoino 



The unit is intended for spraying a large member of powdered materials and formation of hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant, erosion-resistant and also coating resistant to cavitation thermal action. It is possible to spray metallic, clad and composition materials, as well as materials possessing exothermal effect.

The principle of coatings spraying is based on heating the powdered material in the hyperthermal flame, which is formed doing the combustion of propane - butane or acetylene in oxygen.

The unit consists of on operating board with monitoring instruments, faucets for working gases regulation, a system of automation and gas-distribution, a thermal-spraying burner which cables to realize spraying both manually and in a automatic mode.

For spraying of internal and hard-to-reach surfaces the unit is equipped with a special extender, which allows to effect carry out effect spraying of parts like bushes from diameter of 150 mm on the length of 700 mm from each side. The main characteristics of the unit for gas-flame spraying are given in the table.



Main specification


Values of



Payload volume of a powder feed, (dm3)



The size of the particles being sprayed 

30 - 150


Maximal output (kg / hour): - on propane-butane


- on acetylene



Gas consumption (m3/h) а) oxygen

1,0 - 2,5

b) propane - butane

0,5 - 1,0

c) blowing gas

0,5 - 0,6


Mass of the unit

a) of thermal-spraying pistol



b) of the operating board


c) of the extending jet



Output ratio of the powdered material (%)

up to 95


Distance of spraying (mm)

100 - 200

The designed technologies have been tested for quick wearing parts used for different types of equipment – oil, petrochemical, drilling, for gas processing equipment, for automobile and tractor industry, textile production, shut-off armature of power equipment, in shafts, rods, battery cartridge, bush of pumping equipment. The wear resistance of parts, as a rule is increase in 3-5 times as contrasted to serial ones.

The contracts on the delivery of the unit include the following list of operations.

- organization of a working place for strengthening and reconditioning of the parts for the customer;

- strengthening an experimental bath of the parts, transfer of know-hows, servicing staff training;

- transfer of powdered materials for strengthening of an experimental bath of parts.