Ultrasonic system and waveguides tools for treatment of skin cancer

Application: simultaneous local ultrasonic treatment with radiation therapy to skin tumor formation by means of ultrasonic devices to enhance the radio sensitizing antitumor effect.

Advantages: dose reduction by 25 % in comparison with techniques based on the use of radiation therapy alone. High radio sensitizing effects.

Key features: ultrasonic effects on biological tissue carried out through the annular waveguide cov­ering malignant neoplasm. Operating frequency range is 22–28 kHz. The diameter of the annular portion of waveguides is 15–40 mm. The waveguides are made of stainless steel with a yield strength of more than 700 MPa. The waveguides can withstand the intensity of transmission of ultrasonic waves up to 40 W/cm2.

Developed: Scientific-Technological Park BNTU «Polytechnic» in collaboration with Belarusian Medi­cal Academy of Post-Graduate Education, Supervisors – Prof. Dr. Vladimir Minchenya, PhD., Prof. Dr. Nina Krutilina, MD.

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