Ultrasonic system and devices for formation of dentin and sealing compounds

Application: filling of root canals using a low-frequency ultrasound, treatment and prevention of den­tal caries.

Advantages: increased efficiency of treatment due to removal of excess air in the root filling; complete filling of the internal cavity of the root canal and the root of microchannels; sealed connection of filling material and dentin channels.

Key features: endodontic cone nozzles with operating length of 14–21 mm and minimum diameter of 0.2 mm are used as waveguides; ultrasonic condensation of the filling material is performed using a combined ultrasonic vibration frequency of 22–28 kHz and an amplitude of 1–35 microns with a different ratio of longitudinal and flexural vibrations in the tool.

Developed: Scientific-Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Vladimir Minchenia, PhD.

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