Ultrasonic micro-drive operating in controlled resonance

Application: in engineering and medicine as elements of manipulators to move goods and mobile units of various mechanisms as well as to build mobile robots and high-speed actuator control systems; in the aviation industry to create inspection micro-robots for the investigation of closed channels; in in­strument and mechanical engineering for the creation of autonomous systems for the control of physical and mechanical properties of surfaces.

Advantages: small size; high efficiency; low power-intensity; It allows for hingeless actuators with extremely low inertia which can be used for precise positioning as the gripping elements of microman­ipulators and others.

Key features: Operation is carried out by a bimorph piezoceramic plates due to the shift of the res­onance frequencies of oscillations feet using a special programmable microcontroller. Microactuators moving speed from 0.001 m/s to 0.5 m/s. Size of microdrive is mainly determined by the power supply.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Technique and Department of Device Design and Manufacture, Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Vladimir Minchenya, PhD.

Tel.: ++375 17 292 40 81, e-mail: nil_pt@bntu.by.