"TurboSphere" – energy saving device for secondary energy sources recovery

Application: electricity production from low-potential secondary energy sources, recovery of natural gas overpressure at gas stations.

Advantages: leakage and modular installation; multi-stage expansion of gas allows low-speed (3000 rev/min) at one impeller and device reliability; possibility of adjusting when changing the param­eters and gas consumption; multistage heating of gas in the integrated heat exchanger by low-tempera­ture coolant 10–15 °C; no gas combustion for it heating.

Key features: payback of installation is 3–4 years.

Developed: Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Supervisor – Kirill Levkov.

Tel.: +375 17 290 78 65, e-mail: levkov@icm.by.