Thermodiffusional strengthening processing of machinery details, tools and technological rig

Application: thermochemical treatment of machine parts at temperature of 400–650 °C for 2–8 hours with saturation of the various elements: N, Cr, C, B.

Advantages: working capacity of products after thermochemical processing increases by 3–7 times; the thickness of the hardening zone does not depend on the configuration and dimensions of the pro­cessed products; the increase of linear dimensions of products after processing does not exceed 2 microns; regrinding of the tool does not reduce the hardening effect; carrying out finishing operations of hardened surfaces of the products is possible; powder medium subject to repeated regeneration.

Key features: the thickness of the hardening zone is 60–200 μm; surface hardness – 10000–14500 MPa.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Steel Products Hardening, Dr. Vladimir Dashkevich, PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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