Technology of utilization of disused batteries

Application: the extraction of secondary materials from used batteries and to neutralize their harm­ful impact on the environment.

Advantages: the method of processing allows the use of raw materials of mixed composition. Tech­nology is safe for the environment. All reagents used in working capital cycle; all gas and dust emissions are captured and used in the production process or is sold as a finished product; the process is carried out in the hermetic volume to prevent contact with the environment.

The developed method allows carrying out the process both in stationary conditions and with the help of autonomous mobile (transportable) installations.

Key features: as a result of the process the neutralization of the harmful effects of batteries on the en­vironment is performed with simultaneous obtaining of metals and metal compounds. In the production technology there are no emissions due to closed loop, thereby also decreasing the cost of the products produced.

Developed: Research Laboratory «Metallurgy of Alloys», Dr. Artyem Andrits PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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