Technology semi-hot combined extrusion using active friction forces

Application: increase of productivity by reducing the number of stages of plastic deformation and increase of the metal utilization factor.

Advantages: reduction of deformation efforts up to 2.5 times and average level of stresses at the final stage of the stamping process 2.0 times, increasing tool life.

Key features: stamping of Cam follower forging is carried out in a die with the movable die, dividing the formation process into two stages: the first performs the reverse the extrusion of rod part forgings in the form of a cup to a depth at which its volume exceeds the volume of the bottom flange portion of the forging and the pressure of the metal does not exceed the values given range of indices of the stress state. In the second stage simultaneously carry out the final shaping of the rod part forgings backward extrusion and the extrusion of the circular flange portion of the forging.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Plasticity, academician, Prof. Dr. Klubovich V.V. D.Sc. (Doctor of Techn. Sci.), Dr., Klushin V.A. PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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