Technology of obtaining castings "Bobbin" made of aluminum alloy AK9M2

Application: the provision of heat meters with good quality castings of aluminum alloy.

Advantages: ability to produce castings in metallic molds with minimal machining allowances; di­rected crystallization of alloy AK9M2 ensures the formation of dense and homogeneous structure; cast­ing waste of all types does not exceed 2 %.

Key features: the technology of casting in metallic mold provides an open upper bowl through which the metal is pouring. This eliminates the gating system and thereby to increase the yield of the casting. The central hole in the casting is formed by vertical metal rod with a certain conicity which facilitates its shakeout.

Developed: Research and Innovative Laboratory of Progressive Technological Processes of Melting and Resource-Saving Technologies, Dr. Anatoly Slutsky PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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