Technology of high-speed extrusion with the cladding deformation or welding

Application: manufacture of parts tooling operating in heavy wear and high load.

Advantages: technology allows savings high-alloy steels up to 90 %; toughness of the tool is increased by 40–50 %, its strength is increased by 30–40 %, its abrasion resistance is increased by 25–40 %, the tool life is increased by 1.5–2.5 times; possibility of manufacturing tools with a relatively viscous core and fine-grained (grain size 12–14) hardened surface layer saturated with fine carbides (63–70HRC) due to strain localization on the operating part.

Key features: tools made bimetallic (basis is structural low-alloy steel and surface is high-alloy steel). The hot extrusion of bimetallic tool with the formation of dissimilar steels join carried out after heating the composite blank to a stamp temperature.

Developed: Department of Shipbuilding and Hydraulics, Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Igor Kachanov, D.Sc.

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