Technology of formation of protective coatings by plasma spraying of powder materials

Application: technology provides spraying a wide range of powder materials and creation of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and erosion-resistant coatings, coatings resistant to cavitation and thermal effects. It is possible to spray metallic, ceramic, composite and cladding materials as well as materials with an exothermic effect.

Advantages: the principle of coatings development is based on the heating of the powder material in the plasma torch generated by the plasma jet to the melting temperature, followed by crystallization for hardening the working surface of the part. Developed technologies tested for wide range of wearing parts: for the oil, petrochemical, drilling, gas processing equipment, automotive equipment, textile man­ufacturing, valves, energy equipment, shafts, rods, sleeves, bushings of pumping equipment. The wear resistance of parts usually increases 3-5 times compared with the serial ones.

Key features: the arc voltage, V – 90–95; the current of arc discharge, А – 220–250; the flow rate of plasma gas (nitrogen), m3/hr – 3,6; consumption of carrier gas (nitrogen), m3/hr – 0,3; the utilization rate of the pow­der material (%) – до 95; distance of spraying (mm) – 120; process productivity: kg/hr – 3–4, m2/hr – 0,37–0,5.

Developed: Research Laboratory «Plasma and Laser Technologies», Prof. Dr. Devoino O.G. D.Sc. (Doc­tor of Techn. Sci.).

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