Technology and materials for producing coatings by magnetic-electric hardening

Application: the development of wear-resistant coatings with high hardness (increases the wear re­sistance of parts 2.5–4.0 times).

Advantages: the developed material in the form of powder for development of coatings is im­port-substituting and resource-saving (made from the waste fractions). Technology of magnetic-electric hardening is an inexpensive and effective method of hardening and restoration of parts, surface quality which are not subject to special requirements.

Key features: material is used in powder state made of waste from production of steel and cast iron granules which is diffusion-doped with boron. Coating method of the magneto-electric hardening does not require the use of protective environments.

Developed: Research and Testing Laboratory of Welding, Related Technologies and Nondestruc­tive Inspection, Gomel State Technical University n.a. P.O. Sukhoy, Supervisor – Corresponding member of NAS of Belarus, Prof. Dr. Fyodor Panteleyenko D.Sc. (Doctor of Techn. Sci.).

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