Technology and materials for binding and removal of non-metallic inclusions from molten cast iron and steel

Application: binding and removal of slag inclusions from molten iron and steel.

Advantages: the effective material based on non-deficient raw materials or components produced in Belarus for the binding and removal of slag inclusions, which increases its efficiency when used in melt­ing furnaces and pouring ladles, and also the technology of its production and use.

Key features: grain composition: for steel – 3,0–5,0 mm, for cast iron – 0,63–3,0 mm; humidity – less than 0,5 %; interaction feature – stable viscous film without breaks; density – 900–1100 kg/m3; consump­tion per 1 ton of melt – 1–3 kg.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Material Science and Foundry Technology, Dr. Sergei Rovin, PhD (Cand. Techn.).

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