Technology and equipment for melting iron-carbon alloys with a preheated charge

Application: preparation of batch (chips) for subsequent remelting in a crucible induction and arc furnaces.

Advantages: reduction of 20–30 % of the specific energy costs of the smelting of iron and steel and, accordingly, reduce the cost of castings; reducing the melting time and corresponding increase in fur­nace productivity; reduction of waste of metal, alloying and modifying elements; reducing the amount of harmful dust and gas emissions due to the use of an effective cleaning system from a local source; improving the safety of melting (heat of the charge eliminates the ingress into the furnace of moisture and oils).

Key features: design of bucket – thermos; capacity – up to 9 t/h; specific gas consumption per 1 ton of charge – 12–14 m3; the temperature of charge heating – 500–600 °С; the temperature of the smoke gases: at inlet of unit – 1000–1200 °С; at outlet from unit – 350–450 °С; the waste of metal in the heating process – less than 1 %; waste of metal during melting – 3–4 %; thermal capacity of the unit – 1.2 MW.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Material Science and Foundry Technology, SE «Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Dr. Sergei Rovin, PhD (Cand. Techn.).

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