Technology and equipment for flame spraying of powder materials

Application: spraying a wide range of powder materials and creation of wear-resistant, corrosion-re­sistant and erosion-resistant coatings, coatings resistant to cavitation and thermal effects. It is possible to spray metallic, ceramic, composite and cladding materials as well as materials with an exothermic effect.

Advantages: for spraying internal and hard-to-reach surfaces the installation has a special extension that allows you to spray parts such as bushings of diameter from 150 mm and length of 700 mm on each side. The installation can be additionally equipped with a burner for gas-powder surfacing, which allows for the surfacing of the various classes of materials: Nickel alloys, iron alloys, copper-based alloys, etc.

Key features: useful volume of powder feeder, (l) – 0,7; the size of the sprayed particles (μm) – 30–150; maximum productivity (kg/h): propane-butane – 6, acetylene – 9; the utilization rate of the powder ma­terial (%) – up 95; distance of spraying (mm) – 100–200.

Developed: Research Laboratory «Plasma and Laser Technologies», Prof. Dr. Devoino O.G. D.Sc. (Doc­tor of Techn. Sci.).

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