Technological process and equipment for obtaining welded rail joints with improved characteristics on the basis of the thermite welding of steels

Application: thermite welding of rail joints of high-manganese and carbon steels to ensure a contin­uous and qualitative weld joint with improved characteristics.

Advantages: designed compositions of thermite mixtures and technological equipment for the ob­taining of rail joint made of steel grades M75 and M76 during carrying out thermite welding allow reduc­ing the cost of connection process of rails through import substitution of disposable sets for thermite welding.

Key features: the obtained results allow carrying out the process of thermite welding of high-man­ganese and carbon steels with high physical-mechanical properties, capable of working in heavy and extreme conditions with intensive shock loads, unstable regimes of friction and wear.

Developed: Research Laboratory «Metallurgy of Alloys», Institute of Welding and Protective Coatings of NAS of Belarus, Dr. Artyem Andrits PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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