Technological control device of acid and alkaline media (modifications: IKR, IKR 2D, IKR-M)

Application: in food and dairy industries for measurement of the concentration of washing solutions and product dilution in the water.

Advantages: real-time measurement of volume concentration of technological solutions in pipes and vessels; possibility to automatically determine the type of solution «acid-alkaline-water-milk».

Key features: concentration measurement of several types solutions directly in volume percent for alkaline (NaOH, Na2CO3), acid (HNO3), surfactants etc.; concentration measurement of solutions in sever­al bands – up to 0.22 %, up to 2.55 %, up to 25.0 %, up to 100 % (proportion for milk dilution in water); installing sensors on the distance from the base unit to a distance of 100 m; temperature measuring range – 2–100 °C.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Technique and Department of Information and Measuring Technology, Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Oleg Gusev, D.Sc.

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