Technological bases of high-precision machining of spherical optical surfaces

Application: processing of precision spherical surfaces of optical lenses using the complex of techno­logical processes, special tooling and equipment.

Advantages: optimization of technological process of manufacturing lenses, improving the de­sign of equipment used and tooling on the basis of this approach has improved the processing perfor­mance by 25–30 %, reduce the spoilage on 10–15 % and reduce the required skill of the workers from 6 to 3 categories.

Key features: technological bases of processing of high-precision optical components with spherical surfaces have been developed: a systematic approach to the development of manufacturing technology of optical parts are proposed, taking into account the physical phenomena occurring in the contact zone «tool-part» and the system «machine-fixture» in various stages of production. Criteria and the method of optimizing processing conditions on lapping and lapping operations are formulated; a mathematical model of tool wear and stock removal allowance of the work piece, enabling to create the design proce­dure of tools with higher dimensional resistance; the influence of hydrodynamic processes in the contact zone of tool and work piece on precision and performance of finishing operation has been considered, and proposed ways to intensify treatment.

Developed: The Department «Trade and Advertising Equipment», faculty «Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship», Prof. Dr. Malyarenko A.D., D.Sc. (Doctor of Techn. Sci.).

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