System of aortic stentgraft for surgical treatment of aneurysms of the thoracic aorta

Application: surgical treatment of the thoracic aorta aneurysms during operations with artificial blood circulation.

Advantages: easy stentgraft release from the delivery system; full uncompressing of stentgraft to a predetermined diameter; the flexibility of the system.

Key features: the design of delivery system segments made according to the principle of autono­mous modules, technologically connected with each other, which greatly simplifies the assembly of the structure and reduces the time of assembly in a «clean room» and also allows for a single basic module of delivery system to install ready module with different sizes of stentgraft. The distal section of stentgraft is inserted into the middle section, which provides a more compact size.

Developed: Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic» in collaboration with Research and Practical Center «Cardiology», Supervisors – Prof. Dr. Vladimir Minchenya, PhD., Alexander Mrochek, MD, Prof. Dr. Yury Ostrovsky, MD.

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