Strapdown inertial navigation system

Application: autonomous definition of the current position and the angular position of the movable object.

Advantages: the advantage of the developed system is the use of modern methods of digital signal processing and software in the development of electronic subunits, created by specialists of the BNTU that allows one to fully realizing the individual capabilities of each ring laser. In the structure of created BINS three levels of programmability are laid that provides the parameters to achieve the best world devises and has no analogues in the CIS: the level of the special evaluator; level controllers of data collection and management modes of the sensors; the level of life support systems and information retrieval of all sensors.

Key features: corresponds to the class of high-precision navigation systems: accuracy of determining the azimuth (the parking lot) for 5 minutes – 0.1 deg.; storage azimuth error in the movement for an hour, no more than – 0.15 degrees; frequency of delivery of information, at least – 20 Hz; interface – RS-422; time to ready, no more than – 5 minutes; weight – 10 kg; power consumption, no more than – 30 W; oper­ating ambient temperature – 40...+55 °C; output – the current position, latitude, longitude, ground speed, pitch, roll, heading, speed of pitch, speed of roll.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Optic and Electronic Instrument Engineering and Department of In­formation and Measuring Technology, Supervisors – Prof. Dr. Igor Dzhilavdari, D.Sc.; Dr. Gennady Olefir, PhD.

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