Specialized machines for surface laser treatment

Application: laser processing of a wide range parts.

Advantages: these machines include advanced technical solutions in the field of laser technologies and coordinate systems. They are equipped with a ytterbium fiber laser with wavelength 1,065 μm, which provides no need in high purity gases and the protection path transmission of energy due to a supply of laser radiation to the treatment area through an optical fiber. Original scanning systems of a laser beam provide the possibility of formation of the required energy distribution in the spot of laser exposure. Gan­try system based on linear direct action actuators allows surface treatment in a wide range of conditions.

Key features: there is an option of accurate automatic determination of the spatial position of the part in the working space of the machine. The capability of the hardening ranges from 100 to 1000 cm2/min at radiation power of 1–2 kW and are defined as requirements on the depth and hard­ness of the hardening zones and the type of the hardened material.

Developed: Research Laboratory «Plasma and Laser Technologies», Prof. Dr. Devoino O.G. D.Sc. (Doc­tor of Techn. Sci.).

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