Software product to create software of the automated control systems of technological processes

Application: control of technological processes of industrial facilities and life-support systems, in par­ticular, in heating systems for sources of heat and electrical energy

Advantages: flexibility – the system as a whole and its individual parts are able to evolve with the changes of the control object or views about its functioning without constant alterations equipment; un­limited functionality - in one device, if necessary, one can combine the digital processing of the measured signals, the advanced control functions, technological locks and protection; easy maintenance – uniform­ity of equipment, a large service life, very simple external circuit, and a system of remote diagnostics allows to minimize the requirements for qualification of personnel, the same type of equipment – SAC of the most various objects have the same structure and consist of the same units, the difference lies in the software.

Key features: reliability – service life until the break of SAU is 10-12 years with a life cycle of about 15 years or more; high accuracy – the presence of a variety of measurement channels and built-in statisti­cal processing of signals allow to measure process parameters with an accuracy of the order of 0.2 to 0.5 %; independence from specific supplier of equipment – PC-compatible computers from different vendors are compatible at the software level and the level of the typical interfaces.

Developed: Research and Innovative Centre of Automatic Control Systems in Heat Power Engineering and Industry, Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Vladimir Sednin, D.Sc.

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