Software package MR 220 – mechanical calculation of flexible wires switchgear (FWS) and air electric lines (AEL)

Application: air electric transmission lines and flexible wires of switchgears.

Advantages: the calculation takes into account: the height difference of the suspension and other features of the geometry of the span; suspended garlands of insulators; the splitting of the phase – in-phase and phase-to-phase spacers; branch (up to three) to electric units. Work with the programs built-in help makes it easier, diagnosis of the source data, the availability of catalogues of wires and garlands of insulators, as well as the possibility of correcting and updating.

Key features: not imposes exceptional requirements to the personal computer, intuitive interface.

Developed: Research and Testing Laboratory Electric-power Systems and their Automation and De­partment «Electrical Stations», Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Iosif Sergei D.Sc.

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