Saturating powder mediums for the process of thermal diffusion hardening of metal products

Application: hardening of metal products used in industry.

Advantages: powder mediums superior to the best foreign analogues (Swagelok Company, Wall­work Heat Treatment Ltd, Friedrichshafen, etc.) on the main technical indicators: multiple use powder saturating mediums Besto not less than 5; low energy consumption technology; the rate of formation of the hardening zone is approximately 20 μm/h; operational properties of the products, hardened using the developed powder mixtures are superior to domestic analogues in 3–5 times.

Key features: coating thickness: carbidization – 900–1500 μm; boriding – 80–350 μm; carbonitrid­ing – 25–150 μm. Microhardness on coating surface: carbidization – 6000–6500 MPa; boriding – 18000– 22000 MPa; carbonitriding – 11000–12000 MPa. There is a possibility of transformation of saturating media.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Steel Products Hardening, Dr. Vladimir Dashkevich, PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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