Rollers of high speed rolling mills

Application: they are used in high speed rolling mills.

Advantages: high strength properties; low cost; wider range compared to the sintered powder roll­ers; Work at more extreme temperatures.

Key features: chemical composition of material – wear resistant alloy with high impact viscosity; hardness – 59–63 HRC; resistance to the annealing up to a temperature of 500–600 °C; the number of re­turning – 4–9; the tonnage of the rolled steel reinforcement of 10 mm diameter before returning is 1450– 1550 tons; qualitative characteristics – the rollers do not lose their hardness at operating temperatures of rolling, do not require strong cooling, are not prone to thermal cracks, returning is run with diamond tools.

Developed: Research Laboratory «Metallurgy of Alloys», SE «Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Dr. Artyem Andrits PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.), Dr. Boris Uvarov PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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