Rapidly solidified granular inoculant

Advantages: low melting point; effective graphitization of the cast iron during casting into the metal mold; effective modification and deoxidization of steel; providing a structure of vermicular and nodular graphite; low consumption of inoculant; does not require crashing of inoculant before the treatment of melts.

Key features: composition includes Al, Si, Ca, Mg and Rear Earth Metals. It can be produced in shape: granules (fraction 1–5 mm and 3–10 mm); pigs (0.5–10 kg); intramould inserts; chips (thickness 0.5–4 mm).

The optimal consumption of inoculant for graphitizing treatment is 0.08–0.15 %. Effective at the tem­perature of initial melt above 1300 °C. Method of inoculation: in ladle, intramould, through the automatic dispensers.

Developed: Research and Innovative Laboratory of Progressive Technological Processes of Melting and Resource-Saving Technologies, Dr. Anatoly Slutsky PhD, Prof. Dr. Alexander Kalinichenko D.Sc. (Doc­tor of Techn. Sci.), Victor Sheinert.

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