Protective coatings modified with nanostructured materials for casting molds

Application: designed to prevent aggressive effects of the molten metal on casting mold during the manufacture of iron and steel castings.

Advantages: high sedimentation stability; high strength.

Developed non-stick paints and coatings by its technological, thermo-physical and physical mechan­ical properties are equal to the best world analogues.

Key features: an effective protective coating of the casting molds containing complexes of nanos­tructured materials (boehmite, silica, silicon carbide, etc.) combined with a basic dispersed high-refracto­ry particulate fillers to prevent the results of aggressive molten metal on mold, and to predetermine the future the quality of the casting including its surface in advance.

Sedimentation stability minimum 93–96 %; density, kg/m3 – 1350–15504; conditional viscosity at (20±0,5) °С, с – 14–26; the strength of the painting layer, kg/mm, – minimum 2–3.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Material Science and Foundry Technology, Dr. Yury Nikolaichik PhD (Cand. of Tech. Sci.).

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