Project of modernization of the shaft resistance furnace C-105

Application: chemical-thermal treatment (cementation) of parts.

Advantages: reduce energy consumption by 25–30 % in comparison with the existing design of the furnace; reduction of time of entering the operating mode after downtime in 2–3 times; reduced oper­ating costs by increasing turnaround time and reducing time of furnace repair; high accuracy realization of the temperature regime through the use of modern automated process control system; automated monitoring and maintaining the carbon potential of the furnace atmosphere.

Key features: use in the construction of the lining modern fibrous materials and porous heat-resist­ant concrete (the composition of the materials and design of the lining is determined by solving the optimization problem); the use of heating elements with higher durability and stability of electrical char­acteristics during operation; high quality heat treatment of parts through the exact observance of tech­nological rules that is provided by modern control systems.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Theory and Techniques of Metallurgical Processes jointly with JV «KERATECH», Dr. Pavel Ratnikov, PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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