Production technology of screw pairs for gerotor pumps: cast rotors and polyurethane stators with high working resource

Application: production of wear-resistant elements of pumping equipment.

Advantages: high productivity; increased durability (service life of cast rotors 2–3 times more than obtained by machining, the stator resistance made of wear-resistant polymers are 2–3 times higher than the resistance of rubber ones); high dimensional accuracy of castings.

Key features: producing rotors of the pumps without mechanical processing and hardening of work­ing surfaces; production of the pumps stators made of wear-resistant polymers.

Developed: Research Laboratory «Metallurgy of Alloys», SE «Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Dr. Artyem Andrits PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.), Dr. Boris Uvarov PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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