Portable ultrasonic bench-type machine tool SUN 3435

Application: grinding, finishing and cutting of semi-precious and precious stones and also dia­mond-abrasive machining of items made of difficult machining materials including hard, super-hard, tough and brittle materials.

Advantages: higher productivity by 25–30 %; cutting force reduced by 1.5–2 times, which reduces the possibility of chipping during the processing of fragile materials and scuffing when processing duc­tile materials; surface quality is improved by reducing the roughness of 15–20 %.

Key features: maximum diameter of lapping disk – 180 mm; maximum rotation rate of spindle – 1450 rpm; frequency range of ultrasound vibrations – 18–22 kHz; supply voltage – 220 V; power con­sumption – 30 W.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Technique and Department of Device Design and Manufacture, Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Mikhail Kiselev, D.Sc.

Tel.: +375 17 292 40 81, e-mail: nil_pt@bntu.by.