Multilayer wall panel

Application: improving the thermal characteristics of the external building envelopes; reducing mate­rial and labor costs; increasing durability and reliability in service life; simplification of manufacturing and assembling; using of local materials and wastes.

Advantages: cell micro modules are located in the zone of negative temperature that prevents the accumulation of condensation and the formation of freezing zones. Perforated aluminum foil layers dis­posed between layers of honeycomb insulation that increases the thermal resistance of the panel and does not inhibit the water vapor layers.

Key features: imperforate foil layer located on the inner layer of the panel that prevents the penetra­tion of water vapor from the space in the insulation layers.

Developed: Research and Innovative Laboratory of Thermal Physics and Engineering Systems of Struc­tures, Supervisor – Academician of NAS of Belarus, Prof. Dr. Boris Khroustalev, D.Sc.

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