Multicomponent polymer modifying additives

Application: to improve the reliability of asphalt in all major indicators (slide and temperature crack­ing resistance, fatigue cracking resistance, corrosion resistance) and resistance to thermal-oxidative aging, which extends the life of the pavement.

Advantages: cheap and high efficiency; increase slide, temperature and fatigue crack resistance of as­phaltic concrete (achieved growth of physical and mechanical properties at 30–100 %); stabilization of as­phalt mixtures and other mixtures with high content of bitumen; lower cost of asphalt mixtures for 15–20 % in comparison with bitumen mixtures modified with polymers; allow to produce high-quality asphalt.

Key features: basic components of additives are polymeric materials from the group of polyolefin in­cluding modified rubbers of different structure and properties as well as plasticizers and modifiers (including antioxidants); additives prepared in the form of granules with a diameter of 4–8 mm and a length of 20 mm.

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