Multi-channel device for measuring of heat flux density and temperature with wireless data transmission

Application: assessment of the thermal characteristics of external building envelopes using infrared imaging in order to control energy consumption.

Advantages: remote monitoring and analyzing the results of current measurements (no need for the presence of personnel at the measurement point for the entire duration of the test. The device allows receiving data from multiple sensors through one device (hub) on any number of channels. It avoids mul­tiple reading data on an object and does not require the presence of personnel. It significantly reduces the cost of research and improves quality of the analysis due to measurement simultaneously.

Key features: measuring range of the heat flux density 10–999 W/m2; temperature measurement range –40 ... +150 °C; temperature measurement accuracy ± 0,2 °C; up to 256 test points (each point in­cludes 1 heat flow meter and 4temperature meter).

Developed: Research and Innovative Laboratory of Thermal Physics and Engineering Systems of Struc­tures, Supervisor – Academician of NAS of Belarus, Prof. Dr. Boris Khroustalev, D.Sc.

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