Mobile field laboratory for diagnostics of metal structures

Application: the ability to determine the actual condition and residual service life of almost any met­al structures made of steel: vessels working under pressure; technological piping; furnaces; boilers, and other heating equipment; pipelines; lifting machinery; bridge construction; railway and road tankers.

Advantages: mechanical properties of the metal and, primarily, the impact strength it is possible to determine virtually anywhere in the design without cutting out samples from it; speedy delivery of diagnostics and results; the possibility of objective conclusion about the state and the permissibility of the operation of any steel structure.

Key features: this lab includes a set of devices of nondestructive control and auxiliary devices (the camera, polishing portable device, a laptop) that allows to determine the hardness, to evaluate the state of metal microstructure, to determine the basic mechanical properties of the metal, including the impact strength at any available point of diagnosable designs without cutting out samples for testing.

Developed: Research and Testing Laboratory of Welding, Related Technologies and Nondestructive Inspection, Corresponding member of NAS of Belarus, Prof. Dr. Fyodor Panteleyenko D.Sc. (Doctor of Techn. Sci.), Dr. A. Snarsky PhD.

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