Magnetic fluid

Application: realization of magnetic control technologies and devices developed on their basis. The original method of production of synthesized magnetic fluids through wide range of the liquid base (water, kerosene, synthetic and mineral oils, per-fluorinated ethers, glycerin etc.) have been developed.

Advantages: high sedimentation stability under conditions of gravitation and strong non-uniform magnetic fields up to 107 А/m2; stability of physical properties within more than 10 year period.

Key features: saturation magnetization – up to 120 kА/m; viscosity – from 0.001 to 1 Pа·sec; density – from 950 to 1800 kg/м3; operating temperature – to be determined by liquid-carrier boiling temperature.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Thermomechanics of Magnetic, Supervisors – Prof. Dr. Victor Bashtovoi, D.Sc. and Prof. Dr. Alexander Reks, D.Sc.

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