Magnetic-abrasive surface treatment

Application: polishing, cleaning and modification of articles for optics, electronics, laser technology, mechanical engineering and instrument making.

Advantages: improve the structure and condition of the surface layer; increase wear resistance, cor­rosion and mechanical degradation products; forming a surface layer with a minimum of defects and na­norelief surface Ra <2 nm; superior to the best analogues on technological capabilities, quality, economic and environmental indicators; cheaper than the best world analogues in 3–5 times.

Key features: magnetic field generates «elastic» polishing brush of ferro-abrasive powder; improves the structure of the treated material; ensures high surface quality of the product.

Developed: RUE «Polimag» – subsidiary enterprise of the Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Supervisor – Dr. Nikolai Khomich, PhD.

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