Information system of melanoma diagnosis using dermatoscopic images MelaSearch

Application: remote computer diagnosis of melanoma on dermatoscopic criteria and compared with the annotated images in the database.

Advantages: does not require high medical qualifications for obtaining a preliminary diagnosis of melanoma; simultaneous use of two diagnostic strategies: for dermatoscopic criteria, calculated on this image and search for similar images in the database; the Possibility of increasing the accuracy of melano­ma diagnosis and expand the list of diseases diagnosed by increase in the base of the annotated images.

Key features: the image of the skin lesions obtained using the Dermatoscope, is loaded into the sys­tem from the end user’s computer, a program on a remote supercomputing cluster automatically picks up similar images from a database that contains more than 200 descriptions of clinical cases of skin cancer. Simultaneous processing of the original image on dermatological indications, including the formation asymmetry, color features, fuzziness of boundaries, etc. Values of standard dermatological criteria (ABCD, 7-Point and Menzies) and the risk of melanoma are calculated, which are returned to the user’s computer.

Developed: Research Laboratory «Dynamics of the Systems and the Materials Mechanics», Dr. Barka­lin V.V., PhD (Cand. Phys.-Mat. Sci.) – Supervisor.

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