High-technology thermal diffusion zincing of steel products

Application: the formation of protective coatings by thermal diffusion in powder processing me­diums on the basis of wastes of hot zincing; the integration of zincing process into general galvanizing cycle of thermal treatment.

Advantages: high economic efficiency of thermal diffusion zincing is due to the use of synthetic mediums on the basis of wastes of hot zincing; energy saving due to elimination of the final operations of heat treatment of products and introduction into a single technological operation the deposition of protective coating and the formation of the required performance properties of products; technology enables processing products with a surface of any complexity (coating uniformly and in exactly the same surface profile); excellent adhesion to paint coatings without the use of primers (not the swelling and de­lamination of paint from a surface); low processing cost due to the use of synthetic mediums on the basis of wastes of zincing; ecological purity of the process.

Key features: thickness of diffusional layer – 10–80 μm; structure and phase composition of the coat­ings provide improved resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress (maximum of the integral micro­hardness of all known zinc coating up to 4500 MPa).

Developed: Research Laboratory of Steel Products Hardening, Dr. Vladimir Dashkevich, PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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