High-silicon silumins and composites based on aluminum with special properties

Application: the production of synthetic alloys and composites based on aluminum using recycled aluminum inexpensive, accessible non-metallic materials (silicon carbide, silica materials, waste produc­tion of silicon, etc.) as charge materials.

Advantages: original technology of heterophase synthesis of the matrix components allows syn­thesizing high-silicon silumins with a more uniform matrix structure and better strength characteristics compared to aluminum-silicon alloys obtained by traditional technologies.

Key features: higher wear resistance; low specific density (up to 3 gr/sm3); low coefficient of thermal expansion; high specific strength; high heat resistance.

Developed: Research and Innovative Laboratory «Metallurgy of Alloys», SE «Scientific Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Boleslav Nemenyonok D.Sc. (Doctor of Techn. Sci.).

Tel.: +375 29 658 45 95, fax: +375 17 296 66 56, e-mail: metspl@bntu.by.