Hermetic sealing shaft device with magnetic fluid

Application: sealing of machines moving shafts.

Advantages: absolute leak-proofness and low friction moment; absence of contact pressure and shaft wear.

Key features: sealed media – vacuum, air, steam, biologically active media, inert gas; linear velocity of shaft rotation – up to 45 m/sec; operating temperature from – 50 to + 80 °С; pressure differential for air and gas media – up to 8×105 Pа; rarefaction rate for vacuum systems – up to 10–7 mmHg; resource of continuous operation – not less than 5,000 hours at ambient temperature up to 50 °С.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Thermomechanics of Magnetic, Supervisors – Prof. Dr. Victor Bashtovoi, D.Sc. and Prof. Dr. Alexander Reks, D.Sc.

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